About Adku

Adku is a stealth startup founded by ex-Googlers based in San Francisco. We are backed by top venture capitalists including Greylock Partners, Battery Ventures and True Ventures. If you like solving hard problems check out our jobs page.

The Team

Ajit Varma

Ajit previously worked at Google as the ad spam czar tasked with ensuring high quality ads. In his 6 years at Google, he was also the group product manager running search quality, search personalization and internal tools. Prior to that, he held product management and software engineering positions at eBay, Accenture and Deloitte Consulting. Ajit graduated with a BS in EE from UT Austin in 2 years at the age of 18.

Carlos Whitt

Before starting Adku, Carlos spent 6 years at Google as Tech-Lead and Staff Software Engineer of several projects spanning mobile (Google Latitude), mobile local quality (Google Maps for Mobile local quality), and internal systems (GHR). While at Google, Carlos won Google's prestigious EMG Award for his contributions to Google Maps for Mobile. Prior to Google, Carlos coded at Sun Microsystems and Capgemini. Carlos has a BS in EE and CS from Duke University. When Carlos isn't coding, he is either running, listening to T.I., or traveling.

Jesse Shieh

Before starting Adku, Jesse spent 5 years at Google where he was Tech-Lead of iGoogle and won Google's prestigious EMG Award. After iGoogle, Jesse spent a year and a half working as an Engineering Manager in Google Web Search. Jesse has an MS in CS from Georgia Tech where he graduated with a perfect 4.0 major GPA. When Jesse isn't coding, he's either taking pictures, watching sci-fi movies, or playing board games.

Matt Tai

Prior to joining Adku, Matt spent 3 years at Yelp building out Yelp's core revenue products. He became a founding member of the Advertising team and built out Yelp's first self-serve advertising platform as well as their first CPC-based advertising system. During this time, Matt oversaw advertising traffic grow 200% year over year and helped handle the burgeoning traffic load. Prior to Yelp, Matt has a MEng in EE from Princeton University and a BS in EE from UCLA. When Matt isn't coding, he loves to eat out, travel, and ski... all at the same time.

Leah Xue

Before joining Adku, Leah was a Math major at Harvard. There she learned to appreciate hand brewed coffee, the Charles at midnight, and sleep. Having split her summers between math research and working for a startup, Leah joined Adku after graduation, looking for the perfect blend of theory and excitement. Now when not coding, Leah is either exploring San Francisco, or working on the perfect ramen recipe.

David Tsao

Before joining Adku, David was a physics major at Princeton where he wrote his senior thesis on fluorescent proteins. During the summers he worked on kicking up moon dust with the LCROSS project at Northrop Grumman and at a biophysics lab probing the internal mysteries of bacteria. He also spent a summer developing facebook apps with two college friends and sold a facebook app to the gubernatorial campaign of the current Florida governor. When he isn't coding, David enjoys backpacking, snowboarding and making use of his Netflix subscription.


Deep Nishar

Senior Vice President, Products & User Experience @ LinkedIn

Gokul Rajaram

Product Director, Ads @ Facebook

Elad Gil

Director @ Twitter, Founder @ Mixer Labs

Sean Knapp

Founder @ Ooyala

James Hong

Founder @ Hot or Not

Steve Lee

Director @ Google

Mike Chu

Senior Staff Software Engineer @ Google